Игорь (nihao_62) wrote,

Balliol College (University of Oxford) - гнездо (постхристианского) разврата

An Oxford College has banned the Christian Union from its freshers’ fair on the grounds that it would be “alienating” for students of other religions, and constitute a “micro-aggression”

...The organiser of Balliol’s fair argued Christianity’s historic use as “an excuse for homophobia and certain forms of neo-colonialism”...

...Essentially they are saying that the Christian Union is not allowed to recruit new members...

У меня вопрос - потребуют ли (эти) теперь и немедленного переименования своих соседей, а именно

Christ Church
Corpus Christi College
Jesus College
St Anne's College
St Antony's College
St Catherine's College
St Cross College
St Edmund Hall
St Hilda's College
St Hugh's College
St John's College
St Peter's College
Trinity College

С официальной страницы: Founded in 1263, Balliol is one of Oxford’s oldest colleges; the oldest academic institution in the English-speaking world still on its original site; and almost certainly the oldest co-founded by a woman anywhere. (при чём здесь женщина?)

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