Игорь (nihao_62) wrote,

О пОварах

Сызмальства ходил в походы

А потом учёба да служба армейские. Какие уж тут походы в отпуск положенный? И без того напоходишься, так что романтическая нота в "тащить-бежать-мёрзнуть-мокнуть-недоедать" как-то пропадает.

Да я не о том. Считалось у нас школьников - и соблюдалось неуклонно - что поваром правильным только мальчишки могут быть. Девчонок готовить не допускали. Объясняли по-разному, но более не объясняли - так принято, и всё.

Да я не о том. Интересное мнение прочёл почему все шефы/повары в профессиональном общепите (на примере  Франции)тоже мужчины. У Orwell'а:

Undoubtedly the most workmanlike class, and the least servile, are the cooks. They do not earn quite so much as waiters, but their prestige is higher and their employment steadier. The cook does not look upon himself as a servant, but as a skilled workman; he is generally called ‘un ouvrier’ which a waiter never is. He knows his power—knows that he alone makes or mars a restaurant, and that if he is five minutes late everything is out of gear. He despises the whole non-cooking staff, and makes it a point of honour to insult everyone below the head waiter. And he takes a genuine artistic pride in his work, which demands very great skill. It is not the cooking that is so difficult, but the doing everything to time. Between breakfast and luncheon the head cook at the Hôtel X would receive orders for several hundred dishes, all to be served at different times; he cooked few of them himself, but he gave instructions about all of them and inspected them before they were sent up. His memory was wonderful. The vouchers were pinned on a board, but the head cook seldom looked at them; everything was stored in his mind, and exactly to the minute, as each dish fell due, he would call out, ‘Faites marcher une côtelette de veau’ (or whatever it was) unfailingly. He was an insufferable bully, but he was also an artist. It is for their punctuality, and not for any superiority in technique, that men cooks are preferred to women.
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