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"Домашний". "Silk Stockings". Прекрасный фильм (я раньше не видел).

Опять Астер танцует. Присматриваюсь к нему.. Да вроде хорошо всё. Но чем, чем же он меня так раздражает? Сам не могу понять.
Героиня в Кремле просит человека, похожего на Сталина не отправлять её в Париж, куда угодно, только не... 

Ниночка, Пётр Ильич Боров (композитор!), комиссар Маркович!

1957, а рок-н-ролл уже мёртв  :

The rock and roll is dead and gone,
For since the smart set took it on,
Because they found it much too tame,
They jazzed it up and changed its name...

Далее одна из песен и краткое содержание:


(Brankov, Ivanov and Bibinski):

When we're sent to dear Siberia,
To Siberi-eri-a,
When it's cocktail time 'twill be so nice
Just to know you'll not have to phone for ice.

When we meet in sweet Siberia,
Far from Bolshevik hysteria,
We'll go on a tear,
For our buddies all are there
In cheery Siberi-a.

When we're sent to dear Siberia,
To Siberi-eri-a,
Where they say all day the sun shines bright,
And they also say that it shines all night,
The aurora borealis is
Not as heated as a palace is.
If on heat you dote
You can shoot a sable coat
In cheery Siberi-a.

When we're sent to dear Siberia,
To Siberi-eri-a,
Where the labor laws are all so fair
That you never have unemployment there,
When we meet in sweet Siberia
To protect us from diphtheria,
We can toast our toes
On the lady Eskimos
In cheery Siberi-a.

When we're sent to dear Siberia,
To Siberi-eri-a,
Since the big salt mines will be so near,
We can all have salt to put in our beer,
When we meet in sweet Siberia,
Where the snow is so 'superia'
You can bet, all right
That your Christmas will be white
In cheery Siberi-a.

The Story: Theatrical agent Steve Canfield has persuaded noted Russian composer Peter Ilyitch Boroff to stay in Paris beyond the one performance granted by the Commissar of Art. Canfield's plan is to get him to write a score for a film to star another of his clients, the temperamental Janice Dayton. The Russian Commissar send three agents, Ivanov, Brankov and Bibinski to bring Boris back home. 

Canfield, however, produces papers showing that Boroff has a French father and diverts the matter into the French courts. While the three agents are becoming fond of freedom and the pleasures of Paris, the Commissar of Arts has been replaced. The new Commissar Markovitch dispatches another agent to bring the Russian delegation home. The agent is a worker-minded gorgeous lady named Ninotchka. 

At their first meeting Canfield is overwhelmed by her beauty and makes bold advances. Ninotchka is interested only in her mission, however, and in what intelligence information she is able to gather. 

Janice Dayton arrives with her spectacular entourage. Boroff is at her heels, but Janice wants nothing to do with him - until Canfield convinces her that he is the key to publicity for her new movie. Janice's arrival and her professional closeness to Steve has triggered an emotion that even the best programmed Russian female agent cannot ignore - Ninotchka is jealous! She discards her worker's uniform for some feminine clothes and she goes out for a wonderful evening with Steve. Over the next few weeks there closeness evolves into romance and Steve is prepared to propose marriage. 

However, Janice has wound Boroff - and the entire production crew - around her little finger. When the Russians see what has been done to the great Boroff's music, they suspect a master plot to destroy Russian culture. Ninotchka and Steve argue over the significance of the matter and she leads Boroff and the others back behind the Iron Curtain. 

Back home, they are demoted for their poor handling of the whole affair. 

It is several weeks later and Ninotchka is holding a party for the Paris group and other underground pleasure-seekers. Boroff has written a new songs which is very anti-Russian. 

Canfield has managed to enter the country and reaches Ninotchka. However, Commissar Markovitch raids the party and Siberia looms for everyone. However, Canfield convinces Markovitch that fame and fortune await in America. Together they plan for Markovitch's best friend, the Commissar of Air, to supply the 'plane for the whole group to defect to the free world.

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