March 7th, 2016


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Last week the French police warned parents not to post pictures of their kids on social media. France, you see, has very stringent privacy laws and when les enfants grow up, they could conceivably sue mama et papa for violating their privacy.

Далее там интересно только тем, кто завёл себе фэйсбук, а то и твиттер.
За Веру, Царя и Отечество!

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Why the Queen believed gay marriage shouldn't be allowed: Her Majesty confided that because of her Christian faith she thought only a man and a woman should be able to marry

И, в стиле samogon :

Ну, за веру Христианскую и за монархию, Богом благословенную! Дзынь. Остальных в фонтаны не пустим!