January 17th, 2016

А когда-то три

Домашнее слушание

Ба! Оказывается Pat Boone жив! Он же соперничал как crooner с Элвисом. Элвис давно ушел, а Пэту 81. Вот что значат здоровый образ жизни и консервативные христианские убеждения.

Поносит в хвост и гриву Обаму - за негритянский национализм.

И не растерял поклонников. Комментарии, как хороши комментарии.

Poppa Madison 1 year ago
Pity so many young women of today don't merit this kind of romantic approach. I feel sorry for the young guys of recent generations who want to give their hearts to a lovely fair maiden, but more often than not come face to face with a gaggle of boozed up, foul mouthed, violent, out of their mind female juvenile delinquents when they go out try and find one they can give their all to.

50 years ago I can vouch that we actually had real Ladies and Gentlemen with good manners and a sense of socially interactive behaviour that many of today's young lot could not even begin to be able to get close to understanding let alone emulate.

Wot a Shame!