May 6th, 2009


Домашнее чтение

Учитесь, речеписцы и публичные отношенники:

Perhaps we have been a little smug, a little lax, but we have learned our lesson! Spurred by the competition we are investing several hundred thousand dollars in a challenging, relevant and exciting systemic overhaul of our entire organization, focusing on our core competencies while maintaining full and listening co-operation with the communities we are proud to serve. We fully realize that our energetic attempts to mobilize the flawed infrastructure we inherited have been less than totally satisfactory, and hope and trust that our valued and loyal customers will bear with us in the coming months as we interact synergistically with change management in our striving for excellence. That is our mission!

(с) T. Pratchett 'Going Postal'

Ох, как знакомо.