April 28th, 2009


Домашнее чтение

Pratchett о журналистке:

Attractive, certainly, but dressing apparently to play down the fact while artfully enhancing it. Bustles were back in fashion in the city for some inexplicable reason, but her only concession there was a bum-roll, which achieved a certain perkiness in the rear without the need to wear twenty-seven pounds of dangerously spring-loaded underwear. She was blonde but wore her hair in a bag net, another careful touch, while a small and quietly fashionable hat perched on top of her head to no particular purpose. A large shoulder bag was by her chair, a notebook was on her knee, and she wore a wedding ring.

‘Mr Lipwig?' she said brightly. ‘I am Miss Cripslock. From the Times!

Okay, wedding ring but nevertheless ‘Miss', thought Moist. Handle with care. Probably has Views. Do not attempt to kiss hand.

(Скачал по случаю "Going Postal". Могу поделиться с желающими )