Игорь (nihao_62) wrote,


Ранее я уже признавался в любви к Le Carré. Вот, перечитывал The Honourable Schoolboy... 

Люблю John'a не за это, но и такое хулиганство мне по душе: 

...Guilliam had hired a car and driven Fawn up to the China border, where he had sniggered and puffed at the misterious hills. Returning, they were waiting at some country traffic lights when a Chinese boy drew alongside on a Honda. Guilliam was driving. Fawn had the passenger seat. Fawn's window was lowered, he had taken his jacket off and was resting his left arm on the door where he could admire a new gilt watch he had bought himself in the Hilton shopping concourse. As they pulled away, the Chinese boy ill-advisely made a dive for the watch, but Fawn was much too quick for him. Catching hold of the boy's wrist instead, he held on to it, towing him beside the car while the boy struggled vainly to break free. Guilliam had driven fifty yards or so before he realized what had happened and he at once stopped the car, which was what Fawn was waiting for. He jumped out before Guilliam could stop him, lifted the boy straight off his Honda, led him to the side of the road and broke his arms for him, then returned smiling to the car...

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